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Stay True to Brand “You”

August 21, 2013

According to Phil Rosenthal in a Chicago Tribune column, Roger Ebert was the pioneer of the “brand called you.” Ebert lived his brand, remaining true to himself and his identity, even remaining in Chicago to work as a journalist. He was proud of his work and communicated that pride in everything he did.

Not only does remaining true to your brand allow others to know who you are and what you can offer, it provides stability and strength. It lets your customers know what to expect and fosters trust. Recently we have seen where not remaining true to its brand caused J. C. Penney to flounder, losing many of its loyal customers.

Not remaining true to your brand is not a new phenomenon. Years ago, Gould, the battery manufacturer, was known for its 1-800-Battery. Gould’s promise was that if your battery went bad, you could call 1-800-Battery and they would bring you a new battery. Even though the company was successful as a battery company, at some point the leaders decided to totally change the brand with the result that Gould is no longer in existence.

Stay true to your brand and communicate it in everything you do. It will pay off.

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