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Take Control of How You are Perceived

June 4, 2013

Many of us think that the people we work for and with know what we are doing. After all, they may sit near us, work closely with us, join us in meetings and more. They are there with us every day so we just assume they know what we are doing.

In reality, everyone is so busy doing their own job, they don’t have time to watch out for us. If we want people to know what we are doing, we have to tell them.

I had a client who felt that way. When asked by his boss to prepare a document dealing with what he had accomplished over the past quarter, my client grumbled: “He knows what I’m doing. He’s there every day and is often part of what’s going on. He even sits near me in the office.”

As I pointed out, although the boss was there every day, he had his own job to do. In addition, he managed seven other people besides my client as well as having to work with and report back to his own boss.

If you want others to know what you are doing, you need to tell them. Communicate what you do daily, what goals you accomplish and what you think.  It’s important to promote yourself and take credit for your accomplishments.

Self promotion definitely has a place in developing one’s professional image and letting your colleagues know about your contributions and successes. Not sure how to manage this tactfully? We can help.

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