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How to succeed at your resolutions (and at life)? Follow your passion!

January 24, 2013

As we begin a new year, most people make resolutions that we truly hope to fulfill. Sometimes the resolutions come from our own experiences, wish lists, other things we would really like to accomplish. For many of us, our passions become the basis of our resolutions.

I am genuinely excited to have a quote about following my passions accepted for the 2013 Women’s Advantage Calendar. The quote,

“Have a passion and do it with all your heart.
You will shine and others will follow you.”

is the basis of how I develop my resolutions each year.

Following your passion is one of the best guarantees you will succeed with your resolutions.

How do you follow your passion? How has doing so helped you?

Tell me how you follow your passion and you could win a 2013 Women’s Advantage Calendar. The calendar makes each day a new adventure as you look to see what someone has suggested.

The two best examples of putting my quote into action will receive a calendar! Think about how you follow your passion and let me know.

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