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Voicemail: Enhancing your Reception

May 22, 2012

I’m often amazed at how little thought many people give to the messages they leave on voice mail. And I wonder why that’s so!

Most of us know that when you call someone, the likelihood of reaching the actual person is slim. Instead, most of the time you get their voice mail. That’s not surprising since statistics indicate around 70% of the time most callers are answered by a person’s voice mail.

If you know you will probably get voice mail, why not have your message already mentally prepared. It will save stumbling, overuse of “ums” and other things that make the message less than clear.

These simple steps will enhance the reception of your message while making a positive impression on the person you called:

  1. Prepare to say your name slowly and clearly.
  2. Then have a message that is short and provides the person being called a clear understanding of why you called.
  3. Finally, say your phone number slowly enough for the recipient to write it down so your call can easily be returned.

Many times, a voicemail is your first contact with a potential new employer or client. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a good vocal first impression.

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